Sundays 8:45-9:45 AM

Christianity is not a check your brain at the door religion. Jesus encouraged people to love God with their heart, MIND, strength and soul. Each week we devote an hour to equipping all ages to live out their faith as life happens.

Nursery Care
Kids Under 4

Kids under 4 years old we offer nursery care. This way, the parents can join our adult class and be fed and nourished with other adults. This is a great way to model faith for our kids-when we also have adult classes, because discipleship is a lifelong process and journey.

Life in Jesus
4K through 4th grade

This is the first step in teaching the faith, kids get a basic introduction to stories in the bible with focus on how Jesus is the ultimate climax of God’s story for His people. Through crafts, snacks, a lesson, dramas, kids learn the Big Story of God’s love for His people. Each week there is a handout sent home for parents to continue the discussion.

Life in Our Faith 
5th & 6th graders

Here kids learn the basics of the Christian faith, as laid out in Luther’s Small Catechism. In these years kids move through passages from scripture and begin to see the connections, and how we define and clarify what we believe about things like: God, the world, man, sin, baptism, communion, prayer, etc.

*Parents are encouraged to attend with their child during Life in Our Faith class.

Life in the Cross
7th & 8th graders

Here kids tackle specific questions and ideas in the world and culture. We plan to help kids learn to listen to music and view media with a discerning eye. We also talk about ‘topics and timely issues for youth their age from a Biblical viewpoint. They have learned the basics of the Bible and our faith, this step is helping them to apply and think with a Christian perspective.

Life in the World 
9th – 12th graders

Here our young adults will have a chance to engage a bit more of the world, by talking about other religions and ideas that they will encounter in college and the world.  The goal is to help them defend their faith, and learn how to share ideas and discuss in the marketplace of ideas today. This includes field trips or guest speakers. We want to talk about college and help them think through things before they get there with books like “How to stay Christian in College”. This class is designed a bit like a college program where students get to choose specific classes in different tracks or fields. The fields include: knowing what others believe and say, thinking about and knowing what I think and say about topics, and thinking about what my relationships will look like in this life.

Adult Class
Ages 18-99+ 

We combine for certain topics because we value learning from each other and thinking through challenging issues together.