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The journey of discipleship is lifelong. God, through His Spirit, Word, and church, shapes and matures us along this journey- our time, abilities, relationships, interests and character all come under God’s nurturing more and more. Different stages of life provide wonderful chances for conversations about specific character traits and attitudes along this journey.

Faith Journey Markers are a series of conversations and celebrations aimed at this. Each marker aims to help integrate and clarify specific discipleship attitudes or traits at age appropriate times.

What are the markers?

Baptism - First Bible
Marks when God claims a new child as His own. Giving His gifts and moving that child from spiritual death to life (Rom 6:4). Here we present the family with their first children’s bible and help the parents prepare a special blessing spoken over the child.

2nd Grade - First Student Bible
Your child has now become a student and these are great years of discovery and growth – here we want to help parents talk with their students about intentional Bible reading and devotions. You will discuss how to help your child know Jesus’ love through God’s Word and each other. At the blessing worship service you will present an age appropriate Bible to your student.

4th Grade - Serving Engraved Towel
How do you help your child grow into a life of service and love for others? Here you talk about serving others because Jesus has first served us. At the blessing worship service you present a towel with handprints to your student to encourage them in the discipleship habit of service to others.  

6th Grade - Confirmation: Passing the Baton of Faith
Here your student has a chance to ‘confirm’ the faith that has been passed on to them ( 1 Corinthians 15:3). In worship they share their personal faith statements. This Marker often coincides with first communion class (Pastor has more details about this.)

10th Grade - Keychain symbolizing trust and responsibility
Families discuss growing independence and the opportunities this creates to strengthen and grow the connection between parent and teen. At the blessing service parents will present a keychain to their students. This object signifies their growing independence and helps remind them of the responsibility and opportunity independence is.

12th Grade - Prayer Blanket as Student goes to college
This Faith Journey Marker is done in the home. Families have short, provided readings and discussion sheets to facilitate fun and fruitful conversations with their student. These discussions are meant to help the family stay connected and share the process and emotions of this transition. At the blessing service the student will be presented with a blanket from the congregation to remind them of our support and prayers for them as they launch into new adventures in life.