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At Community of Life we want to grow in our Gospel shaped knowledge and trust of who Jesus is. We do this through Worship and Education Hour.

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Sundays at 10 AM
Rome Corners Intermediate
1111 S. Perry Parkway Oregon, WI 53575

Worship at Community of Life is casual and interactive. We have times of silence and reverence, but we’re also not afraid to laugh and joke during a message and with each other.

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Sundays at 8:45 AM

Christianity is not a check your brain at the door religion. Jesus encouraged people to love God with their heart, MIND, strength and soul. Each week we devote an hour to equipping all ages to live out their faith as life happens.



We value relationships because God is a relational God, He walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden, He came to save us, He gives us His Holy Spirit. These all reflect the relational character of our God. We want to connect with people in meaningful ways and help people connect to each other. 


Faith Journey Markers

Faith Journey Markers are a series of conversations and celebrations aimed at helping people grow and celebrate discipleship together. Each marker aims to help integrate and clarify specific discipleship attitudes or traits at age appropriate times.


Discipleship Inventory

At Community of Life we want to grow in our knowledge and trust of who Jesus is and we believe we do that in three areas of our lives, our Head, Heart and Hands. Take this inventory to see how you might be able to challenge yourself to grow in your relationship with Jesus in these areas.