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What is a Home Huddle?

Life can be crazy. A Home Huddle is a simple home devotion for you and your family to connect around more than “How was practice?” or “What homework do you have?”

It helps create space and give starters for deeper and intentional spiritual conversations in a simple and compact way. A Home Huddle will allow you to connect in meaningful ways, dig in to spiritual questions, and pray together.

Faith in the 21st century needs to be rooted in the timeless truth of God’s Word and aware of timely topics in our culture. Coming together is an anchor spiritual habit for faith to be rooted and adaptable as we grow and live.

This Month:

Engaging our Culture with Discernment

These are the voices in our culture. Why not learn and practice listening carefully to what is being taught.



Loving and Knowing Each Other

As disciples we want to be listening to what is happening in each other’s minds and lives. 

Digging in to God’s Word

God’s word is living and active it creates faith and builds us up. We should have a solid diet of God’s word in our weekly life.

Seeing the World with
Biblical Eyes

We use God’s Word and commandments to shape how we think and filter information.

Learning Truth and Thinking Deeply about Ideas

We want to anchor ourselves and one another in certain ideas. The Catechism is a great place to find bible passages collected around foundational teachings.


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