1 Corinthians 6:12-20

**Today’s reading delves into sexual sins. This is a great opportunity to teach and talk with kids of all ages about this relevant and important topic. It is good to teach and remind that sex is a gift from God, and that Satan seeks to twist and ruin this good gift. Today Paul shines the light of scripture on this topic. 
As the parent you know your children best; use this discussion however you see fit. Some questions can provide you a chance to share what older people deal with as you talk with younger children.**

In today’s lesson, St. Paul addresses the issue of sexual immorality, apparently evident within the Corinthian church! St. Paul proceeds by reminding his readers of some basic facts about the Christian’s body:

—The Christian’s body is a member of Christ Himself.
—Since sexual activities makes the man and woman become one flesh, visiting a prostitute makes a member of Christ’s body a member of a prostitute.
—When someone is sexually immoral, that person sins against his/her own body.
—Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit!
—We have received our body from God, which was purchased at a great price by Jesus’ death.
Bottom Line: Instead of satisfying our sexual desires with various affairs, we are called to glorify God with the righteous use of our bodies.

Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

What part of this reading catches your attention?
Please read the 6th commandment and the explanations in your catechism. What sticks out to you as most important?

How would your friends or people you know react to this reading?
How does our world react to this reading?
What are some of the biggest struggles among people you know with sexual temptations?

Take time to pray for those you know and sexual temptations. 

John 1:43-51

As our reading begins today, we find Jesus continuing to call His disciples. Having just called Peter and his brother Andrew, Jesus now heads to Galilee, where he calls Philip. Philip, who apparently believed Jesus’ teaching, quickly finds his brother Nathanael and brings him to Jesus also. During this process, it becomes quite evident that Jesus knows hearts and minds. The reading concludes with Jesus testifying about His deity by telling His disciples that they eventually will see heaven open with angels ascending and descending on Him. 
(See Genesis 28:10-19 for connection-then in John 2:16-19, just 20 verses past today’s reading, Jesus talks about rebuilding the ‘temple’ (house of God in 3 days, referring to himself.) 

Read John 1:43-51


Epiphany means revealing or manifestation.  It begins in the Christian calendar after Christmas, on January 6th, and lasts until the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday. It  represents the revealing of Christ to all people, those who were Israelites, but also to those from other regions and faith systems.. The main theme of epiphany is— Jesus as the light of the world,  revealed to all nations, all people.  During the season of Epiphany the readings focus on Jesus revealing himself as God in Flesh to more and more people.

What are the different ways Jesus reveals himself in this reading? 
How is knowing that God knows our thoughts and hearts both comforting and convicting?

As soon as Jesus called someone to be his disciple, that new disciple shared their belief in Jesus by sharing with someone else. Who helped guide you in your faith journey?
Who are you helping to grow in their faith journey?
How does Learning Truth, Loving Well fit into helping disciple people?

Who is someone you can check in with this week and care for?