Balancing time with Jesus and time with Others:
Learning Truth leads to Loving Well

Our story today comes reminds us that even Jesus needed time away from others. He made time...and needed time to be with God alone. This is what gave him the energy and focus to be with others.

Could this balancing act be similar for us? Maybe we need time to ‘learn’ and be with God in worship, study, devotion, prayer-here we listen and speak with God. But we also need time with others, to be in community and serving. Jesus needed one to do the other.

Both kinds of time come together for discipleship.

Read Luke 4:42-44

What was Jesus focused on in this verse?

How did he start His day f doing this?

What was the natural pull of others?

What are some of the natural needs/distractions that pull your attention away from being with Jesus?

What is your balance between time with God and time with community. Do you think it is well balanced and adequate to be growing as a disciple?

Talk with each other about the balance each of you wants to reach. Pray with each other and talk about ways you can check in with each other and support each other.

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