One of our goals as a congregation this year is to memorize scripture and share what you have memorized with the congregation. Here in Psalm 119 we read the importance of why we remember scripture. We see that God tells us its written on your heart and it reminds us to rejoice in who Jesus is. We see both the law and the Gospel at work, verse 11, reminds us that God’s word helps convict us of our sin. We also see the glorious response to God’s word in verses 13-14 as the psalmist rejoices in God’s Word.

Read Psalm 119:9-16

What is your favorite Bible verse and why? Share this with your family.

What does this verse teach you about who Jesus is, or who you are as His child?

How might remembering Scripture impact your day to day life?

Think of a time when a passage of scripture helped you through a challenging situation? What was the situation and how did scripture influence your response?

Pick one Bible verse to memorize as a family this week.

(Hold yourself accountable by signing up to share your verse with COL.)