As we come to the close of our Work Matters series it is good for us to look ahead. I recently overheard Clara and William telling Adella that homework only gets harder as you get older. The cold reality for the McCoid kids is setting in- work will always be a part of life. That work is not just a broken result of sin, God has woven work into the fabric of creation. We will spend the rest of our life working and doing things in this world, and then someday our work will come to an end. We will leave this life and go to God’s eternal rest and promise of Heaven for eternity. That transition of death is something we cannot escape, but it also has a funny way of helping us focus on our time in this world. What kinds of things will we want to accomplish in this life? What is really important and worth working at?

Together as a family, talk about different words and traits you hope people say about you at your funeral. Were you a hard worker, or a good friend,...what kinds of things marked your life.

Jesus was coming to the end of His earthly ministry, his words are recorded for us in John 17:4. Read those words and talk about what they meant for him, and how they help us as we think about our lives and the work/things we focus on.

Read together John 20:21

What sticks out to you in this passage? How does this help us focus our attention in this life?

Close with prayer together. Look up Psalm 90:12 and use that to guide you into prayer time.

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