As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling by which you have been called.

Ephesians 4:1

Building on last week’s use of this passage, and our sermon series on work, I want to try something a bit different. Let’s reflect on this same passage again and zero in on the idea of calling.

We don't hear this word much anymore. "What is your calling?" Or “what is your vocation?” That is the latin word for ‘calling’. This was a term used by the church over 500 years ago, often when talking about church work, but Luther saw so much more of this word wrapped into the very fabric of creation. He saw it as something we all fact we all have a few of them. Calling relates to any role or responsibility you have: student, parent, teacher, athlete, worker, boss...on and on.

Calling brings with it a wonderful promise and reminder. Since you have a calling, then someone has called you. Someone knows you and has chosen, placed, selected, laid out things for you-someone who deserves a response.

How much would this change your life and my life if we took seriously the fact that we are living in response to the call of God. As I think about this at the beginning of a day, I see this day, not only as a day in which I will make my own choices about how to live, but also as an opportunity to live in consistent, intentional response to the one who has called and is calling me. It is a chance for me to be attentive to God's Spirit, who continues to call me into action in God's world.

No matter what your agenda is for today, no matter where you work or study or serve or play, know that you are called by your Caller.

Take time to talk about:

Talk about the significance of where Paul is writing this from? Even there Paul is called!

What callings do you have? (Take time to list off for different people)

What callings do you like?

Which do you not enjoy as much?

What difference does it make in your life that you have a caller?

With this in mind, how might you live differently tomorrow?

Close with a time of prayer for each other. Celebrate the positives and lift up the struggles you each face with your callings.