Self Reflection:
How was your understanding of Peace expanded by this video? Which word or idea sticks out to you as a great way to think of Peace in its fuller sense?

Talk Together:
Why is peace a good word to reflect on in Advent/December?

Read Isaiah 9:6 Reflect on ‘Jesus as a prince of Shalom, which will have no end’

Ephesians 2: 13-22 How can you live this ‘peace’ out?

Where would you like a bit more peace right now? (home, country, relationships,...)

As a Family:
As a family make some simple Christmas cards for students in the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center. Talk about the word from your discussion and how it points to Christmas and what we celebrate. Include bible verses or words of encouragement.

- These cards do not need lots of words.
- Use only pens, crayons, markers, no glue or glitter or beads.
- Sign with only first names or leave blank if you wish

We will be collecting these all Advent-final collection on Sunday, December 23rd.