Part of discipleship is about building relationships and learning to care about others. We learn truth about God and Jesus, we also are called to see others as dearly loved creatures of God.
In today’s text, love is a divine trait, and the author wants to impress that our call to love (have a heart for) others is a trait to be nurtured. This reading is a good balance of comfort and calling. Inviting us to love others while always remembering that we love because he first loved us. God invites us to look beyond ourselves and love others in relationships, learning and connecting to them. 

Please Read 1 John 4:16-21

How do you understand verse 18?

Does this reading feel more demanding or comforting?

How do verse 16 and 17 remind us of what God has done for us in Jesus, the Holy Spirit, His Word?

What does it mean to love others at ______ (pick a place like school, work or
neighborhood) and talk about specific ways people can love others. Be careful not to just talk about doing things for others. It can sometimes be easier to do something for someone than to actually stop and “love” them.

List any examples where Jesus showed ‘love’ for people while He was doing things for them? 

Why might it be important to go back to verse 16 & 17 truth when it comes to loving others?

Building relationships & listening can be hard work. Take a look at this careful listening tool. Plan to fill this out this week for one person and share it with your family during next week’s home huddle.

Who, outside your family, have you and are you actively looking to “have a heart for”? (plan to check in with each other on this).