HEAD no. 1

This week we are talking about discipleship, specifically about growing in our trust and knowledge of Jesus and God’s Word. Paul has just concluded chapter 11 with a praise (doxology) of God’s wisdom and knowledge (v.33-34).

Today we pick up the reading where Paul invites Christians to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. We are to grow in knowing God through his revealed Word-this is our spiritual act of worship. What a powerful statement about our minds understanding and clinging to who Jesus is. From there Paul uses the rest of chapter 12 to talk about the resulting life of loving and serving God and others.

Please read Romans 12:1-4

What is the basis of Paul’s appeal in verse one? What are examples of these that we learn about in scripture or see all around us today?

How do you offer your body as a living sacrifice? How does your ‘mind being renewed’ relate?

What are you thankful to God for as you read this text?

Read the rest of chapter 12. What sticks out to you? How does this relate back to our trust and knowledge of Jesus?

What is most convicting in the lists of Christian living?


Pick another video here.

These are “challenge and response” videos. Talk about it as a family and how it helps you with your faith and peace.



Take time to talk about a theological challenge you've faced e.g. same sex attraction, evolution, reliability of scripture... Look for resources at str.org or another trusted site. (Feel free to contact Pastor Jim for ideas.)


HEAD no. 2

This week we are focusing on the call to discipleship. Part of discipleship is to grow in our knowledge and trust of who Jesus is. Throughout this letter Peter has talked about this knowledge and trust, mentioning the certainty of the Good News of Jesus. That there were many eyewitnesses of these events. Lastly, he has encouraged his readers to hold fast and to grow in their confidence of who Jesus is.

What a great letter for our time. When so many people question the life of Jesus and the Christian Church. These words of Peter are a great reminder that we should always grow in our knowledge and trust. Discipleship is about engaging your mind and thoughts with God’s Word, character, promises, and calling on our lives.

Read 2 Peter 3:13-18

What words or ideas stick out as important in v.13-16? What about v.17-18?

Identify any problems Peter might be addressing?

What solutions does Peter suggest?

In v.16-18 what advice is given? How does that advice apply to our day and age also?

Take time to list ways that people can twist things today, both physical, earthly, or spiritual things to get us to fall away.

How does grace apply from v.18? What does it look like to grow in and share grace with those around us?

Take time to list people or groups that oppose Jesus and His people. Pray for them, and pray that solid Christians would share grace and truth with them.

Pick one video here.

These are “challenge and response” videos. Talk about one video as a family and how it helps you with your knowledge and trust of who Jesus is.