Focus: God continues to be faithful in the wilderness.
Function: Pilgrims travel with purpose and direction.

Ever been on a roller coaster? Up and down, round and around. That is the way life can feel at times, and that is the way our own sin and christian living can feel. Numbers gives us a glimpse into the roller coaster of Christian living. Through it all God is faithful and comes to His people with solutions and fatherly correction. At numerous places in Numbers Jesus is foreshadowed as the solution to the people’s rebellion.

Read Numbers 21:4-9

Last week we answered the question: What will I do differently this week because of this reading? 
How did this go? 

Describe the setting of the story. Consider things like: time of day, who was there, sights, sounds, smells,...
What is the general feeling of this story? Why?
What sticks out to you from this reading?

What does this reading teach me about God and Man?
How does this reading comfort or convict me?
How does this reading fit into the bigger story of the Bible?

What part of my life does this reading most stir up? Consider your relationships, view of God, fears, thinking, spiritual state,...
What will I do differently this week because of this reading?