Focus:     God saves people.
Function:    We are encouraged to see opportunities for God to be saving people. (Forgiveness, Evangelism etc.)

God’s people are enslaved by the worst character of the Bible so far. They have no hope, and no champion to deliver them. In this story, God is going to fight for His people and deliver them from their greatest enemy. God’s people are commanded to remember this event for all generations because of how important it is. In the New Testament, Jesus comes along and accomplishes His greatest rescue mission against our greatest enemy at the same time that God’s people are celebrating this exodus passover event.

Last week we answered the question: What will I do differently this week because of this reading? 
How did this go? 

Describe the setting of the story. Consider things like: time of day, who was there, sights, sounds, smells,...
What is the general feeling of this story? Why?
What sticks out to you from this reading?

What does this reading teach me about God and Man?
How does this reading comfort or convict me?
How does this reading fit into the bigger story of the Bible?

What part of my life does this reading most stir up? Consider your relationships, view of God, fears, thinking, spiritual state,...
What will I do differently this week because of this reading?