Isaiah 25:6-9

Isaiah was God’s messenger to the Southern Kingdom, Judah, during the period that the Northern Kingdom reached its demise. Judah was not doing much better, it’s king at the beginning of Isaiah’s ministry was King Ahaz, a very evil king. In today’s reading, God reminds this rebellious nation, promising that He will prepare for all people on “this mountain” a feast of the finest of foods and wines. In addition, he will remove the veil of death that hangs over all of humanity and creation itself. Furthermore, God will remove sorrow and death as well as mocking and suffering. When that happens, people will rejoice and be glad in God, because he has brought about their salvation that they have waited for. 

Read Isaiah 25:6-9

What are some of the things that God is going to fix or supply in this reading?

Which of those sounds the best to you? Why?

What is the mood as this reading ends?

How does Easter fit into this picture?

What are you most excited for when you get to Heaven?

Share names of people who do not believe, spend time praying for them.

Talk together about a way to care for someone this week. 

Mark 16:1-8

St. Mark’s Good News of Jesus’ resurrection is short, and does not have many of the details we know from the other accounts. Today we find several women assembling early at the tomb on the first day of the week (Sunday) to anoint Jesus’ dead body. They are worried who will roll away the large stone for them that blocked the entrance to the tomb. When they arrive, they discover it’s already been rolled away. Entering the tomb, they are alarmed by a young man in a white robe, sitting there. He told them that Jesus was alive. Then he told them to tell Peter and the other disciples this Good News.

Read Mark 16:1-8

What is the mood as the reading begins?

Are you surprised at any of the women’s actions in the reading?

What is most striking to you about the message the angel gives the women?

How does this reading encourage your hope in Jesus?

What sin or error does this reading display or remind you of?

Take time to share high and lows from this week and how God fit into them?

Close in prayer for previous question and praising God for all the things that come to mind.

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