WEEK OF MARCH 11, 2018


God makes ways for us to be close to Him.
We are encouraged to be set apart by looking to God’s word and Jesus for how we live and where we find our hope.

Coming into God’s presence requires holiness and purity. Leviticus helps us see the meticulous requirements of holiness. God requires priests who mediate, sacrifices who substitute, and purity rules that purify. What a demanding religion! As we look at Jesus we see how committed God is to us. He provides and fulfills all these steps of holiness for us in Jesus.

Last week we answered the question: What will I do differently this week because of this reading? 
How did this go? 

Describe the setting of the story. Consider things like: time of day, who was there, sights, sounds, smells,...
What is the general feeling of this story? Why?
What sticks out to you from this reading?

What does this reading teach me about God and Man?
How does this reading comfort or convict me?
How does this reading fit into the bigger story of the Bible?

What part of my life does this reading most stir up? Consider your relationships, view of God, fears, thinking, spiritual state,...
What will I do differently this week because of this reading?


Jesus said “Love the Lord your God with your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. Discipleship is not just head knowledge and trust, or heart attitude and relationships with God and others, but also giving ourselves in service and care for others. Head, Heart and Hands. This week we are talking about that third H. 
Hands: which focuses on action and serving others. 

This text is one of many great texts about serving others. Today Jesus roots our service in His own, and in the Gospel itself. Jesus has come, not to be served but to serve and give His life as a ransom. Our call to service is born from that. Our world operates more like the disciples in the text: “how can I get ahead?” “what will make my name better than others?” “how can I be important?”, but God’s people have different priorities. Those who would be great should become servants! That is truly radical!

Mark 10:35-45

What did James and John ask for?

How did Jesus respond?

How did the disciples react?

How did Jesus use this question for a big teaching moment?

What does this reading show me about God?

How is this text speaking to me?

What can we pray about as you look to serve others?

“It is impossible to love someone without serving them, but it is possible to serve someone without loving them.” Talk about this quote.

Take a look at the CareFul listening tool. Talk about ways you can incorporate that into your weekly life.