Week of May 13th, 2018

John 17: 11-19

Jesus has just finished the Last Supper with His disciples in the upper room. Judas has left to betray Jesus, leaving Jesus to prepare His remaining disciples for the sadness they are going to experience soon. Chapter 17 is Jesus’ prayer for all future disciples. He asks His Father to take care of them after His departure, just as He took care of them while He was with them.

Jesus notes that because of His Word, the world will hate His disciples. Just as Jesus was not of this world, so His disciples are not of this world. Jesus prays that we would not be sucked into patterns of this world, but that we would stand firm as beacons of light and hope to those around us..

What part of this text sticks out to you?

Talk about what it means to be "in the world, but not of it, BUT for it”.

Jesus came in Grace and Truth (1:17) Jesus prays for His disciples to be rooted in truth. How do grace and truth play an important role as we are “in, not of, but for”?

How does this text help you appreciate Jesus or the Holy Spirit more as they serve and strengthen us?

What in this text is most convicting AND comforting to you?

What need can you share for everyone to pray about?

Who are people who have taught you truths? Talk together about a way each of you can bless one of them this week ie a note of thanks, a kind gesture, a gift, an act of kindness...

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