Ezekiel 17: 22-24

Ezekiel was God’s prophet to the people of Judah, the Southern Kingdom, as they languished in Babylonian captivity. Accompanying the admonition to repent of their rejecting their God, Ezekiel’s message was also one of a promised restoration following a return of the people to God. This is the kind of message that Ezekiel brings with today’s reading, where we find God comparing the restoration of the people of Judah to His taking a twig, planting it on a high mountain, and making it grow into a large tree that will provide nesting for the birds of the air. In other words, whatever God says He can do, He will do. God is just waiting for the people to give Him that opportunity. What will the people do? What will we do?

Read Ezekiel 17: 22-24

What typically grows at the top of a mountain? 

What point might God be trying to make when he says he will plant a cedar (Israel) high on a mountain and the cedar will provide for all that lives within it? 

Does it encourage you that in verse 24 God says, “I will do it”? Why or why not? 

How can we as God’s people help care for the world around us? What is one thing you are already doing that helps care for others around you or for creation? 

How does this passage help remind you that nothing is impossible for God? 

What is something you can do or a verse you can write down that helps you remember that God is the provider and that you can trust Him? Discuss this with your family.

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