Mark 5: 21-43

Imagine the context: Jesus went to the east side of the Sea of Galilee, cured a demon-possessed man, and returned by boat to the west side. In today’s reading, as soon as Jesus steps foot on shore, He is surrounded by a crowd, out of which steps a synagogue leader, Jairus, who pleads for the life of his dying daughter. Jesus, in His compassion, goes with the man. As they walk, a woman who has been suffering from chronic bleeding touches Jesus’ clothes in the belief that by doing so, she will be healed. And she is!
Just at that moment, people from Jairus’ home arrive to say that it is too late, that his daughter has died. 
What a crazy set of, death, possession, sickness, faith, hope, fear,...
Contrast that with the doubt when Jesus arrives at Jairus’ home. They laugh at Jesus when he says she is asleep. This section closes with Jesus commanding people not to tell...hmmm

What part of this reading sticks out to you the most? Why?

What miracle or situation is the most encouraging to you? Why?

How does Jesus react through all this?

What part of this passage most confronts your life situations? Struggles, fears, hopes,...

What sin or human weakness can you most associate with from this reading?

Who should we be praying for?

How can we help this week?

Close in a time of prayer for each other, and the needs around you

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