Mark 6:30-44

As we continue from two weeks ago the story of Jesus’ ministry, which involved Jesus sending out the twelve ahead of Him to prepare villages for the coming of the Kingdom of God, we find in today’s reading the twelve returning to Jesus upon the completion of their mission. But even then, Jesus and His disciples are constantly surrounded by crowds needing His teaching and healing ministries, to the point where they no longer have time to eat. Jesus advises that they go to a desolate place to recover physically and mentally. But people recognize them in the boat that they are traveling in, surmise where they are going, and get there ahead of them, so that when Jesus and His disciples land on shore, there already is a great crowd waiting for them. Jesus’ compassion kicks in, and He starts to teach them, recognizing that the crowd were like sheep without a shepherd. The hours go by, and soon it is approaching dusk, so the disciples advise Jesus to send the crowd away so that they can find food in the surrounding villages. But when Jesus tells the disciples for them to give the crowd something to eat, they respond that 200 days of wages would not be enough money to buy what was needed. Jesus still insists, telling them to see how much food is available there: just 5 hard rolls and two dried fish. So Jesus says, “Let’s go with these,” invites the crowd to sit down and instructs the disciples to distribute the rolls and fish after, of course, He has blessed it. And to the disciples’ astonishment, after all 5000 men at to their full, there are still 12 baskets-full of left- overs. So the Great Shepherd had provided for the crowd’s spiritual and physical needs.

Read Mark 6:30-44

What does verse 30 teach us about one of the things we need to do as a disciple of Jesus?

What lesson do you learn from both the combination of verse 30 and the last half of this passage? What does this tell you about God’s character?


How do you best find rest in your life? Share with your family.

How can you help encourage each other to rest in Jesus?


Find 10 minutes in your schedule this week. Set an alarm, jot it on your calendar. Spend that 10 mins reflecting on God’s word and praying.

Then at the end of the week talk with your family about how that affected your day.



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