Genesis 9:1-17

In the Old Testament reading for today the Great Flood has just ended, and Noah and his family, as well as all the creatures that they took with them, have exited the ark. The earth is now a new place. God sets Noah and his family down to explain the new rules. This is like creation 2.0. Listen to all the similar terms and ideas repeated from Genesis 1 & 2. 

-Different animals are named
-Humans are called to subdue/steward it
-Called to be fruitful and multiply

A few changes are made:
-Now ALL living things can be food
-God will recon for the killing of animals
-This covenant is with all living creatures

Clearly God has a plan for His creation, and this time He also promises a covenant blessing: God will place a rainbow in the sky whenever rain clouds are brought upon the earth, this will be a sign so God would never again destroy all living creatures by a flood.

Read  Genesis 9: 1-17

How many times does God mention His covenant?

Does man have to do anything to keep/merit this covenant?

How is a ‘bow’ an ironic/funny sign of God’s promise to never flood again?

How does this covenant and sign point us to Jesus and the cross?

What catches your attention from the reading?

How does this reading comfort and/or convict you?

Who is someone you could strive to be at more peace with this week? How?

Close with prayer for each other and practicing peace with others.

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