Ezekiel 2: 1-5

Ezekiel was God’s called prophet to the people of Judah, the Southern Kingdom, as they suffered under Babylonian captivity (593-571 Ezekiel’s prophecy dates). The reason they are in captivity is because they had rejected God. In today’s reading, we find God calling Ezekiel to the ministry of prophet to the people in captivity, the people who God calls rebellious, impudent, and stubborn. In contrast, Ezekiel is called the “son of man,” or more accurately, the “son of Adam,” perhaps reflecting the closeness that God felt for Ezekiel while at the same time indicating that Ezekiel was God’s humble servant to His Creation. And what is Ezekiel’s commission? To call this rebellious crowd of captives to repentance.

How does God describe the people Ezekiel is called to go to?

How is that description similar to our day and age? (Think about outside AND inside the church).

How would you feel if you were asked to go to people in this circumstance?

How does this reading convict you?

How does this show us God’s loving character?

Jesus came in Grace and Truth. How does being honest about humanity's sinfulness help us appreciate the Gospel even more?

What group/person (be as specific as you are comfortable) needs to hear these kinds of things today?

Spend time praying through your answers to these questions. Pray for self, each other, others,...

Talk about 1 specific way you can pursue someone this week, like our father pursues us (text, call, note, word of encouragement,...).




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