Joshua 24: 1 - 18

As this passage opens we find Joshua after leading the Israelites into the promised land, on his death bed and leaving parting words to Israel. Joshua reminds the people that God is faithful to his promises from the time they left Egypt until now, and he always will be. The Israelites vow to not make the same mistake their fathers did and vow to serve the Lord, who has done mighty deeds in the midst of Israel.


Read Joshua 24:1-18

What does it mean for you to serve God?

Out of all the stories we see mentioned in this passage, what is the one that sticks out to you as a “hero of faith” who choose to serve God? What is it about this passage that you connect with or enjoy?

What is one way you find yourself serving God regularly?

What is one practical way you can serve God this week?

How can we challenge one another to serve God in our daily life through our various vocations that he has given us?



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