Exodus 16: 2-15

Read Exodus 16: 2-15


What do the people grumble about?

Let’s get the overall picture so far in the story. God has just rescued the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt through the working of ten miraculous plagues. In addition, God worked in the hearts of the Egyptians to allow the Children of Israel to take as much of their silver, gold, jewelry, and other goods as they left the city. Then God helped them pass through the Red Sea on dry ground, after which the Children of Israel watched as the waters of the Red Sea swallowed up the army of Pharaoh chasing behind. Then, when the 2.5 million plus people and their flocks ran out of water, and the only water they could find was bitter, God made the water taste better.

With these miracles fresh in the memories of the Children of Israel, the first thing they do when they run out of food is accuse God and Moses of bringing them out into the desert to kill them, saying that their life in Egypt was better because they had their fill of meat and bread. So God responded by sending quail that covered the camp in the evening, and manna in the  morning (bread from heaven). This showed that their God was not only their deliverer but also their provider.

With all this, God did give specific instructions on how much manna the Children of Israel were to gather each morning, and how they were not to look for manna on the Sabbath. These were rules for the children to trust and obey Him.

What does God’s response teach us about Him?

What other ways would not be a surprise for God to respond?

How does this character of God comfort us today when it comes to forgiveness?

Is this story a good way of how we interact with God? All the time, sometimes,...?

How does this teach us about God’s desire for us to show mercy and patience to others?



Who is someone you should work on being more patient with?

Close with prayer: Thank God for His patience and pray for each other’s patience.

Pull up the Lord’s Prayer tool to help guide your time in praying bigger and bolder.