Isaiah 29: 11-19

Isaiah was God’s messenger for over 50 years to the people of Judah, surrounding the time in 720 B.C. that the Northern Kingdom was conquered and dispersed throughout Assyria. This should have been a strong message to the Southern Kingdom, but sadly it fell on deaf ears. The messages of need for repentance from their rebellious ways, followed by God’s grace toward them and the restoration of their glory, marks the major themes of Isaiah.

As our reading begins, we find Isaiah echoing these last thoughts, that the people have blinded themselves to God. Still, God says that restoration is just a few moments in time after repentance: the desert can be turned into a fruitful field, the deaf can hear, the blind can see, and there will be joy in the Holy One of Israel, an obvious prophecy of the work of the Promised Messiah and His message of the Kingdom of God.

Read Isaiah 29: 11-19

Refer to the potter and the clay reference found in Jeremiah 18:1-6.

What does the potter know about the clay? What does the clay know about the potter?

Does the clay know what it is being made into?

What do you find most convicting about this passage?

Are there times in your life where you begin to believe you can hide your actions from God? How does this play out in your life?


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What is one way you can remind yourself and your family this week that you are clay, and God is not done working on you?

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