John 6:35-51

In today’s Gospel reading we find Jesus directing the crowd from their focus on earthly bread to spiritual bread. Here Jesus identifies Himself as the Bread of Life and that His Father has sent Him into the world to ensure that those who believe in Him should have everlasting life, as part of the will of the Father. 
Here is where the Jewish leaders start grumbling, saying that Jesus is merely the son of Joseph and Mary, so how can He say that He has come down from Heaven? Jesus’ response is curious. He states that the only ones that believe in Him are the ones that the Father has drawn, implying that the religious leaders do not believe in Jesus because they are not listening to God the Father. Jesus uses strong suggestion and just keeps on picking at the religious bagge of these leaders. Jesus is using physical things to illustrate spiritual truths about His ministry and the center of our faith. It is all about trusting in Jesus as our source of spiritual food.

Read John 6:35-51

What sticks out most to you from the reading? 

Where in this reading is Jesus message most clear to you?

Was there anything confusing or frustrating in the reading?

What is convicting to you in this reading? Does anything make you feel guilty or sorry?

Who can be like the religious leaders today?

How could you talk with them to help them understand or at least be open to listening more?

Share one person you want the group to pray for this week?

Name one person you will go out of your way to love this week?

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