James 2:1-10 & 14-18

St. James is believed to be the brother of Jesus (Matt. 13:55) who later became the leader of the Church in Jerusalem (Galatians 1:19, Acts 15:13-21, Acts
21:17-18). This letter is addressed to Jewish Christians (See James 1:1), whose
purpose is to help them understand how to live a Christian life. In today’s reading, St.
James first of all addresses the issue of demonstrating partiality, that is showing more
honor and respect to someone, in this case to those who are wealthy, influential.
St. James then launches into a brief discussion of the relationship of faith and works.

Read James 2:1-10 & 14-18

What do you think is the distinction between faith and works? Can you have one without the other? 

What do you appreciate about this passage?

What is convicting to you?

Who is someone in your life you tend to ignore because they are different or hard to love? 

What is one way you can show that person you care or that you are praying for them this week? 

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