Imagine being at a birthday party and running out of ice cream! You grab someone who can drive to the store and get more. They return just in time for the last serving of vanilla...only they have chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! The last 5 kids get the ‘better’ ice cream. “Why did  you save the best for last”

Today in our reading Jesus performs his 1st miracle-subtly announcing that He is God. What a great first miracle! A party where people are celebrating life and love.

Read John 2: 1-11

Share another miracle of Jesus with the group and tell why it was amazing.

What stands out to you about this story?

Jesus mentions his hour has not yet come. Read John 12:23-32. What hour is Jesus talking about?

Why do you think Mary asked Jesus for help? What does that remind us?

How does this miracle help us see Jesus/God in a different light?

How does this miracle point us to salvation and our hope in Jesus?

Talk about ways you could serve each other this week; list some specifics. Have each person go around and pick one. Connect the idea of praying for that person while you serve them. (that visual/tangible reminder to pray for someone else can help form lasting habits).

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