Our culture moves fast. There are many things to distract and keep us occupied. Busyness can be good...but it can also have a negative impact. Studies show that we are less able to focus and concentrate.

What approach or tools should we keep in mind as disciples who live in, not of, BUT FOR this world? It is good to fill our lives with activities, but where and when are we making time to hear God’s word?

The key to understanding the parable of the soils is found in the final words. Today we are going to focus on being attentive to God and our lives as disciples.

Read out loud Luke 8:5-8


What are different ways to hear God’s word?

What would these different soils look like? (Give modern examples)


What does this parable teach us about God and how he treats his creatures?

What are the things that can distract you daily?


Take time and pray with each other about the different things that distract us. Give thanks, but also pray for balance and wisdom.