Ephesians 6: 10-20

As St. Paul finishes his letter to the Ephesian Christians, he reminds them that they are in a war but this is not a war fought with guns but rather with the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Our foes are not earthly forces or human beings, but they are an army of spiritual beings.

St. Paul then goes on to describe the armor that we are to use daily: truth, righteousness, readiness to speak the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, and immersion in the word of God, along with prayer and intercession. He advises us to keep alert spiritually, persevere in the faith, and intercede for all the saints to have boldness in the sharing of their faith.

What does it mean to put on the armor of God?

What part of the armor of God comes most naturally to you?

What part of this passage do you find most challenging?

What part of this passage do you find exciting?

What is one way you can challenge yourself this week to put on God's armor? Share with your family and check back in with each other throughout the week.


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