Gratefulness: Engaging Culture

For three weeks we are talking about gratitude. This is not a strictly Christian virtue, but finds a very important place in the life of Christian Disciples. Today you are invited to watch a video that is not explicitly Christian and interact with it. God’s gifts and goodness are all around us, and as God’s people we can recognize them and celebrate them. After you watch start by affirming and celebrating what we can agree with and appreciate, then there will be time to suggest or constructively criticize.

Watch this video.

Now, reflect together and answer these questions or talk about anything you found meaningful.

What stuck out to you, or did you find most helpful from the video?

What can we affirm and celebrate as true and helpful in this video?

What encouragement can you take from this video to act on?

What scripture passages come to mind that help us add support and depth to this video?

Would you add anything to “Stop-Look-Go” from a Christian perspective?

Would this surprise you to know that this is from a Christian monk? Why or why not?