We value relationships because God is a relational God, He walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden, He came to save us, He gives us His Holy Spirit. These all reflect the relational character of our God.

We want to connect with people in meaningful ways and help people connect to each other.

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These are different groups structured around the main idea of caring for people. You might get into a group that goes to movies together, or brews beer, or studies the bible. We have all kinds of groups. Click the link below to see what group you may want to check out.



As part of building community, we host quarterly events where folks, families, friends come together to discuss specific topics together or just have a good time together. 

We want to promote healthy interactions.
Stimulate conversation around important ideas.
Help people connect to others and think about things in public.


Oktoberfest Early October 2017



In our culture there seems to be a lack of time spent truly communicating with other people. We want to change this trend  by creating a space where people can have meaningful conversations. We want to bring up the hard hitting issues of today whether that be race relations, suicide, abuse, trafficking, politics or religion and have a discussion centered around the topic. We want to talk with people who are different than us, who have different view points and who want to be in conversation.

Meets Thursdays at HQ in Oregon