Jim McCoid - 08.20.2019.jpg

Pastor Jim Mccoid

Senior Pastor

I grew up going to church. Then in college I was forced to really confront my beliefs, while studying biology, and chemistry. Through it all, my faith in God grew in those years. I moved from medical to pastoral education upon graduation.

I have been a pastor for 10 years now, here at Community of Life for 2 of that. My wife and I have 4 awesome children. We love the outdoors, having folks over, PS3, family dance parties, and wrestling in the family room.

I love that our Christian faith is a thinking faith, based on many historical assertions that can be tested to form a cumulative case for faith in Jesus...and brewing beer, playing basketball, and playing strategy games.

To God be the Glory!


Community of life leadership board

Mike Victorson - Chair Person

Karl Fry - Vice Chair

Tom Lebakken - Treasurer

 Mike Bales - Financial

 Kristen Carstensen - Secretary